A structured settlement is a settlement that makes regular payments rather than a lump sum of cash to a person. The arrangement is usually the result of a lottery prize, a lawsuit, or a divorce. The majority of states will have a specific set of laws to protect anyone who is entitled to a structured settlement.

Most of these laws will require that there is a full disclosure of any terms in regards to the sale. This disclosure will include the number of payments, discount rate, and whether there is a charge for a breach of agreement.

Anyone who is an adult can receive immediate cash for their structured settlement. The way that this works is normally by filling out a form that provides all of your contact information along with a description of the structured settlement payments that you wish to sell.

In fact, there are websites that will do the shopping for you. They will look for the best quote from reputable funding companies. These type of companies will allow you to relax and sit back while they create a competition among certified funders so that you receive the best price for your future annuity payments.

This type of process will be quick and can happen within a couple of hours. You will receive the highest bid and the name of the certified funder who has made this offer. This offer will be a guaranteed and firm quote to purchase whatever annuity payments you have to sell. If you decide to accept the quote then you will be connected with the certified provider who will make arrangements for the sale process to start.

After this, a representative who is a notary public will come to your home or any other convenient location of your choice. This can occur within the next business day and will give you a chance to sign all of the appropriate documents.

Shortly, usually within 10 business days, you will receive a cash amount without any additional cost to you. This amount will be received after their has been a receipt issued from the court. Depending on which State you live in you can expect the entire process to be completed within 6 to 8 weeks.

Many people wonder if they are able to sell their structured settlements and the answer to this question is yes.

You are able to sell your future payments to a reputable funding company for cash. Some of the important facts that you should know about selling a structured settlement is that this type of sale will be permitted by Federal and State laws even if there is anti-assignment language in the insurance policy. All of the cash proceeds will be tax-free.

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